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Scholarship Initiative

To say Education is important is an understatement. Financial literacy, in particular, is such a major social issue in the United States, so much that our government has designated the month of April as National Financial Literacy Month for more than a decade now. From this standpoint, ThePayStubs has launched its new educational initiative to give the opportunity to enable young individuals to rise above the standards and become financially educated and independent.

The Mission

At the core of our business is the ability to create one’s own pay stub with a click of a button. We believe by offering the general public this service, we are providing them with the opportunity to become financially independent. 

We believe in empowering young individuals to achieve their full potential by becoming financially independent. By creating, managing and understanding financial documents and their impact, they become financially aware and are able to manage their finances better than 60% of the general public. Overall, people want to make good financial decisions but most have never had the opportunity to learn how to do it.

The Initiative

In light of this financial knowledge gap, ThePayStubs has taken the initiative to launch this scholarship program and give out $2500 to an individual every year. This student must be majoring in finance, banking, accounting or other financial related fields in a NASBA accredited institution of higher education in the United States or at any esteemed international university. 

Download our brochure for more information on how to apply and the conditions in order to qualify. 

May the best candidate win!