Withholding Tax Forms

District Of Columbia Withholding Forms

D-4 DC Withholding Allowance Certificate The DC Withholding Allowance Certificate (Form D-4) is a document that is completed by an employee and provided to their employer in order to claim allowances for tax withholding purposes. This form is used to determine the amount of money that should be withheld from the employee's paycheck for federal and DC income tax purposes. The employee may claim allowances for themselves, their spouse, and any dependents. The number of allowances claimed will affect the amount of tax withheld from the employee's paycheck. By claiming a sufficient number of allowances, the employee may be able to reduce the amount of tax withheld from their paycheck and increase their take-home pay. It is important for employees to review and update their allowances on this form as their personal or financial circumstances change.
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