Withholding Tax Forms

West Virginia Withholding Forms

WV IT-104 Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate The Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate form for the state of West Virginia is a document that employees can use to claim exemptions from state income tax withholding on their wages. This form allows employees to indicate the number of exemptions they are claiming, which will affect the amount of state income tax that is withheld from their paychecks.
WV/IT-104.1 Low-Income Earned Income Exclusion Certificate Election To Not Withhold State Income Tax The Low-Income Earned Income Exclusion Election Out-of-State Withholding form for the state of West Virginia is a tax form that allows individuals with low income to elect to exclude a portion of their earned income from state taxes, provided that they meet certain qualifications. This exclusion applies only to wages earned while living in West Virginia but working out of state.
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