DIY Payroll: Types Of Check Stubs Paper To Know


In the growing world of electronic payroll software, you might think that keeping physical pay stubs are a thing of the past. But when it comes to keeping track of personal income and finances, it never hurts to rely on a classic! Check stubs paper still has a place in payroll management.

Keeping physical records is important for quality assurance. Plus, they're not as likely to fall prey to electronic fraud and other technological risks that happen with other online payroll management resources. Here are some of the reasons why paper stubs are useful. We'll also talk about the different types of paper check stubs available for your business.

Why Choose Physical Pay Stubs?

Many companies today are turning to online software to track and maintain their payroll needs. So why would paper stubs be needed? Even in today's technological society, not everybody has access to a computer at home. This can pose problems for employees that need access to proof of income for things like tenant applications, proof of employment, or filing taxes.

Further, employers benefit from having paper stubs for their own tax needs. They also need a backup for technical difficulties that may arise from faulty electronics. If you are a small business, check stubs paper may be a more economical option as well. Electronic payroll software subscriptions can be expensive. If your company's payroll is prepared by a single person who then delivers the stubs, the overall cost of the process can be significantly cheaper than investing in electronic resources.

Different Types of Check Stubs Paper

When it comes to printing your pay stubs, a couple different options exist.

Software Compatible Forms

This type of check stub paper is best used in tandem with an electronic payroll software. The layout is designed to work with a variety of payroll platforms and can easily print pay stub information onto perforated paper for simplified distribution.

Business Checks

These are printed on a special paper that meets all security specifications for financial institutions. The checks come with a side stub that can be saved for personal records.

Standard Paper

Ultimately there is nothing wrong with using standard printer paper for printing check stubs. This option allows for the most design freedom of your company's pay stubs without the constraints of perforated paper, preprinted lines, and the like. If you don't like the templates available on ready-to-buy pay stub paper, there are options for designing your own quickly and easily. There are a number of services that offer form generation tools to create a personalized check stub right for your business. 

The Takeaway

Keeping your company pay stubs organized both online and off can be tricky. But with the right tools and materials, payroll resource management can be a breeze. All it takes is a well-designed pay stub form and a little attention.
Don't know what's the best tool to start creating pay stub forms for your business? Our pay stub maker provides all kinds of check stub forms to cover your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it is possible to use regular paper for check stubs, it is not recommended. Check stubs paper is specifically designed for payroll purposes and offers better compatibility with payroll software and printers.

To choose the right type of check stubs paper, consider factors such as your budget, payroll software compatibility, and whether you prefer pre-printed or customizable check stubs. It may also be helpful to consult with your payroll software provider for recommendations.

Some common types of check stubs paper include pressure-seal, blank check stock, pre-printed check stock, and three-per-page check stock.

A check stubs paper is a document that provides a detailed breakdown of an employee's earnings, deductions, and taxes for a specific pay period. It is also known as a pay stub, and it is an essential part of managing payroll.

Blank check stock is a type of check stubs paper that contains no pre-printed information. This allows businesses to customize the check stubs using their payroll software or printer.

Pre-printed check stock is a type of check stubs paper that contains pre-printed information, such as company name, logo, and bank account details. This type of paper is compatible with most payroll software and offers a professional look.

Pressure-seal check stubs paper is a type of paper that requires no envelope and seals itself when pressure is applied. It offers increased security and confidentiality for payroll information.

Three-per-page check stock is a type of check stubs paper that has three individual check stubs printed on a single sheet of paper. This format allows for easy organization and storage of payroll records.

Check stubs paper can be purchased from office supply stores, online retailers, or directly from the manufacturer. It is essential to ensure compatibility with your payroll software and printer before purchasing.

Using the right type of check stubs paper ensures that your employees receive accurate and professional-looking pay stubs. It also helps to maintain a well-organized payroll system and comply with legal requirements.
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DIY Payroll: Types Of Check Stubs Paper To Know
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