How Are Online Pay Stubs Better Than Excel Sheets?


Pay stub calculation is a central pillar of the operation of many businesses. It's no surprise, then, that there are many different opinions on how best to handle it. These can differ depending on the size of your business, its services, income, and corporate image.
With the advent of digital services, one of the most popular avenues available to you is in online pay stubs platforms. Join us, today, as we put this exciting new technology under the microscope, and show you how it measures up compared to Excel spreadsheets.

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It's Measurably More Transparent

Online pay stubs are created with one specific purpose in mind: keeping track of payments in a digital ledger. Excel spreadsheets, meanwhile, have many uses. And, while that doesn't mean they're bad for the job they do, it does mean that the people who make them can obfuscate specific information.
Or just leave it out of the spreadsheet, altogether. With an online stub platform, there's only so much information it's possible to include. You or your employer have to complete the stub in a specific way, and the final product won't hold back any information.

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It's Quicker and More User-Friendly

Online applications have come a long way since the slow-loading app sites of the past. Simple forms with clear functions and obvious features generate paystub data as quickly as if the app was right there on your desktop. Also, the data is stored online, meaning there are no cluttered desktops full of unorganized files and folders.
There's a lot to be said for a user-friendly design. You've got pay data, interconnected to different departments, and everything needs to work together. Compared to setting up different spreadsheets of data, connected by advanced functions, an online pay stub is easy to use.

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It's Cheaper

The calculations in payroll management can also be expensive to outsource. For a low-cost alternative, online stub systems offer great functionality for a low initial investment.
And, because money isn't just about the actual cash you invest in a service, keep in mind the fact that these systems save you time is also significant. The process is also more straightforward and, actually, less likely to require correction. The less time you spend working on payroll, the more time you'll have for business operations that actually bring in income.

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It Looks Professional

Having a professional finish on your business documentation is important. And, while the information from an Excel spreadsheet is comprehensive and "all there", it can be hard to polish up the way it looks.
Online pay stub platforms incorporate your data into a format that adheres to current design trends. It gives you options to incorporate logos, keep track of how many documents have been sent out, and use formats that have been designed to look better.

Get A Professional Edge, With Online Pay Stubs

As a business, your staff is your biggest asset. It makes sense, then, to handle their pay processes in the best way, in spite of the complicated data that makes up a paycheque.
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How Are Online Pay Stubs Better Than Excel Sheets?
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