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Carlos Garcia
Verified Order
Published November 20, 2017
Verified Order
The stub I ordered was nice but you didn't keep your word to provide two of the same style as I asked.
Published November 20, 2017
Gloria Trinidad
Verified Order
I used it several times and always be satisfied, thank you
Published November 18, 2017
Tanjihia Simmons
Verified Order
I asked for a refund the stubs were not correct
Published November 17, 2017
Brittani Jackson
Verified Order
Very helpful. I paid for prints and needed the numbers changed and customer rep helped me and changed them. He was very friendly and understanding
Published November 17, 2017
Kisha Bass
Verified Order
Just what I needed
Quick, fast, and just what was needed. Thanks
Published November 16, 2017
Rick R
Verified Order
Great service and product!!! Just what we needed!!!
Published November 16, 2017
Pamela J Stark
Verified Order
I Love it. No more waiting for the boss to give me a copy of my Check Stubs.
Published November 15, 2017
Nicole Clarkson
Verified Order
Worked Perfect
Figures were accurate! Takes less than 3 mins to complete.
Published November 15, 2017
Carolyn Williams
Verified Order
good product. did not like having to pay for each one. a package deal would be better. limited changes
Published November 14, 2017
Verified Order
Not good the three I paid for were all wrong you charged me 4 times I was sent another correct which was wrong then you finally got it right for one what about the other 3 I paid for
Published November 13, 2017
T. Hayes
Verified Order
Office Manager
I wish you guys offered an unlimited plan or any other plan vs paying for each one individually. I don't like not being able to make adjustments and having to purchase another one and wait on a refund. Not really a bad service just some things I personally would like.
Published November 13, 2017

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