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Allie Richman
Verified Order
Was great. There was a minor typo (my mistake) and right away I asked for it to be fixed and it was fixed and perfect within 5 minutes.
Published September 24, 2018
Ryan Norris
Verified Order
Very easy
Published September 23, 2018
Jason Rowe
Verified Order
I am a regular customer and received an email for a discount clicked the link, once I got to the checkout it was the same price. Feel like I am just throwing a away money sometimes. That discount made me feel better about using the service. Will probably just start making these myself.
Published September 21, 2018
Wayne Cooke
Verified Order
I like the fact when I had a problem. You refund my money. So I am back because I have received quality service
Published September 21, 2018
Shayla Penny
Verified Order
Fast delivery
Published September 20, 2018
Verified Order
Quick and simple to use. Happy with the service and happy with the outcome. Thank you
Published September 20, 2018
Melonie Soland
Verified Order
The paystub is nice, however not really usable for my situation. It would only allow for a U.S. address when my company is based in the Philippines.
Published September 18, 2018
Sheila F.
Verified Order
Needed a revised Stub
I would have given it 5 stars if I had been allowed to manipulate the data for "Medical Insurance Tax". They need to allow it to be deleted and ones own Medical and dental costs added in a way which would be "pre-tax". Then the check stubs would be perfect.
Published September 18, 2018
Marvin Williams
Verified Order
Published September 17, 2018
Eleanor Parkinson
Verified Order
Very easy to use and a great price.
Thank you for this service. I am going to try the pay stubs next.
Published September 17, 2018
Adetayo Oshadiya
Verified Order
I do not have good experience charting with your online person. I did not see option of receiving 20% off as specified in an email earlier received
Published September 16, 2018
Verified Order
It was just what I needed for my small business easy to use and great price!
Published September 16, 2018

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