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Whether you're in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio or anywhere in Texas state, our pay stub generator is the answer for your end of pay period issues. Designed to create check stubs for Texas employees & contractors, and, unlike any other online paystub maker, it is hassle-free and becomes ready in less than 2 minutes. You don't need a calculator software: all it takes to efficiently use our Texas paystub generator software is providing information such as the company's name and the salary information.

What is a pay stub or a checkstub, and why do I need it?

Simply put, a pay stub is a paper we keep after cashing our payroll checks.
Besides serving as proof of income, a paystub also helps you keep track of salary information, taxes paid, overtime pay and more.
In Texas, paystubs are mostly used by employees as a proof of income when obtaining loans or simply as a work reference. Texas-based businesses provide them to their employees conventionally with each paycheck.

Are you an individual looking for a pay stub online for proof of income?

If you are looking for proof of income, you have come to the experts. All you need is to generate a check stub using our tool. Simply enter your personal information as an employee (if the company withholds taxes on your behalf) or as a contractor (if the company doesn't withhold taxes on your behalf). Then fill in the company's information and submit. You can review your final stubs and choose among many paystub templates. Once done, you can download your paystub file, which will be e-mailed to you as well.

Are you a small business owner seeking to provide pay stubs to your employees?

Being a small business owner, managing your payroll is often a task that requires effort. We simplify this part of your job, by doing all the calculations needed regarding governmental taxes. Just fill in the information relating to the employee or contractor you are paying, as well as your company information, and, within 2 minutes, you will have the paystub ready to be printed and delivered to your employee or contractor.

How Does Our Checkstub Maker Work?

Step 1 - Enter Information

1. Enter Information such as company name, your work schedule and salary details

Step 2 - Choose PayStubs Template

2. Choose your preferred theme and preview your pay stub.

Step 3 - Download and print stub

3. Download and print your stub instantly

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What is a W2 and Why do I Need One?

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Can't Wait for Your W2? Calculate Wages With Your Paystub


By using our Texas paystub maker tool, you can easily generate paystubs for your employees, or even for yourself, in order to efficiently keep track of your finances, secure bank loans, obtain credit cards and use the paycheck stub as a proof of income and a strong work reference. Moreover, all information you provide is kept confidential.