How To Design Your Perfect Check Stub Template


So, you're trying to design the perfect pay stub for your company online. You want something that includes everything that is legally required to be on a pay stub while avoiding breaking the bank in the process. Thankfully creating legal and legit pay stubs has never been easier to do than it is today!
Thanks to online paystub generators, you can create a pay stub that works for your company in just minutes, and on the cheap, too! But before we get ahead of ourselves with designs, we need to address any questions you may have about pay stubs. What information is required on a paystub? How do you create the perfect check stub template?
Well, if you're asking yourself these kinds of questions, wonder no longer, because we're here to help! In this article, we'll discuss a few tips and tricks that you can utilize when creating pay stubs so that you can be sure to include everything you're legally required to. Now then, let's get started!

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Your Company Information

Starting at the top, the first thing you're going to want to include on your pay stub is your company's information. A lot of this particular information isn't necessarily required, but it's wise to include everything we're about to mention, just to be safe. You're going to need to include your company's name.
On top of that, you'll need to have an accurate address, telephone number, and any license numbers somewhere, too. Including all of this can be especially useful for employees who are using their pay stub to do things like purchase a home or set up a bank account. Without it, they'll be calling you to enquire about that information, so it's a good idea to just give it to them every pay period via their pay stub.
Also, you're going to need to include check numbers. Be careful here, as you can make a crucial mistake if you're not. Make sure you order original check numbers each time you order new stubs because duplicate check numbers can mess up your bank accounts.

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Employee Information

Next, you're going to want to make sure you include all the necessary information about your employee. For the most part, this is the same kind of information that you provided for your business, just for the individual employee. Things like the employee's full name, address, and telephone number are usually required.
Also, if you have things like employee ID numbers, it's wise to keep those on pay stubs for accurate in-house record keeping. While all of this information isn't required, it's a good idea to include it, as again, it makes buying a home, renting an apartment, or getting a loan easier for your employees.

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Income Information

Like everything else, what is required to appear on a pay stub varies by state. So before you get too involved with designing your paystub, it's wise to look up the laws and regulations for your area to ensure you're meeting those requirements. With that being said, we're going to break down some of the more standard information that's usually included on a pay stub.
You can start with things like gross pay, net pay, and the date of the payment period. Gross pay is your pay before various deductions like state and income taxes. Net pay is the amount of pay you receive post-deductions. A year-to-date of all of these figures are also included on most pay stubs.

Various Deductions

Speaking of deductions, information regarding any kind of deduction should also appear somewhere on pay stubs. Things like federal, state, and local taxes, as well as other deductions like insurance, Medicaid, and FICA, should be present on a pay stub. Federal taxes will vary depending on the employee's tax bracket.
States set their income tax rate, so again, that will vary depending on where you live. And finally, some cities set local taxes to help pay for things like roads and schools. If you live in one of those cities, that information should be included on your pay stubs as well.

Design Elements

Last but not least, it's important to remember that you can use pay stubs as an opportunity to improve your brand awareness. Most paystub generators let you customize what color your stubs are. So if you have a color that is specific to your company or brand, feel free to use it! You can also apply your logo, as well as a slogan, to your pay stubs.
This may seem a bit silly, but it will give a more professional impression if you have custom pay stubs that represent your company or brand.

Designing The Perfect Check Stub Template

Well, there you have it! Those are a few tips and tricks you can utilize to design the perfect check stub template! Remember, familiarize yourself with your local rules and regulations before getting started, that way you can ensure you're meeting all of the various requirements. Also, don't be afraid to include more information than what's required.
Being thorough can go a long way in helping make things easier for you and your employees down the road. It's also a good idea to take this opportunity to increase your brand awareness. Have fun with colors, and even throw your logo on the paystub, so you can have something that isn't so plain and generic.
Looking to create a paystub for your employees? Check out our pay stub maker, where you can have great-looking pay stubs in less than 2 minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can customize a template by adding or removing elements, adjusting the layout or font, or incorporating your company's branding (e.g., logo, colors). Many software programs and online tools offer customizable templates to make this process easier.

Double-check all calculations and inputted information, and consider using payroll software or an online pay stub generator that automatically calculates deductions and totals.

Deductions should be clearly itemized, showing the type of deduction (e.g., federal tax, state tax, social security), the amount, and the year-to-date total for each deduction.

Yes, it's important to include the employer's name, address, and contact information, as these details may be required for tax purposes or employee inquiries.

Key elements include: employee information, pay period dates, gross pay, deductions (e.g., taxes, insurance), net pay, employer information, and any additional information like overtime or bonuses.

The pay period section should include the start and end dates of the pay period, as well as the date the paycheck was issued.

This section should include the employee's full name, ID number, and address. It may also include additional information like their job title or department.

A check stub template is a pre-formatted document used to create pay stubs, which are records of an employee's earnings, deductions, and other payroll information for a specific pay period.

A well-designed check stub template ensures that all relevant information is accurately and consistently presented, making it easy for employees to understand their pay and for employers to maintain proper payroll records.
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How To Design Your Perfect Check Stub Template
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