What Does a Human Resources Director Do? - What To Know


Are you wondering what a human resources director does for a living? Perhaps you’re looking to progress your career, and are wondering if this may be the next step for you. Read on to find out about the role and responsibilities of a human resources director!

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What Is A Human Resources Director? 

An HR director is responsible for all the HR decisions on behalf of an organization. The director is the most senior member of the teams and they are responsible for all decisions surrounding policies, strategies and practices. 

Human resources are an integral part of a company and they are responsible for many different things. This includes strong and professional relationships between colleagues, as well as smooth operations in many other ways. 

In most HR departments, the director is one step above the HR managers. In some smaller departments, there may not be a HR manager, instead combining the two roles. A human resources director can have many different roles depending on the individual company, so there may be a few variations in responsibilities across the industries.

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HR Jobs Are Changing

HR is one of the most changeable departments in many organizations as they try to keep up with the fast-changing demands of the role. The role has previously been more solely focussed on the payroll, as well as keeping track of sick days and holiday days. As the role has progressed, the role has become more involved with hiring employees and keeping them hired, ensuring that they are happy in the role and with the management. 


What Does A HR Director Do?

A HR director's job description depends largely on the size of the company. The bigger the company, the more areas of responsibility the directors have. The HR director would play a part in hiring, training new recruits, communication between the two, benefits and salaries and employee relations.

The role of a HR director is complicated and varies a lot from organization to organization. 

A HR director will have worked their way up the HR department, usually starting off in a human resources administrator role. 

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Skills Required

There are many different skills that a human resources director needs to have to succeed in the role. Organizational skills are essential for the role, you need to be able to lead a group of people and stay on top of all of the tasks that are part of the job. Negotiation skills are also essential. A big part of the role is problem-solving, and so having the skills to deal with whatever comes your way are essential.

Communication skills are also essential to the role as you must be able to lead the rest of your team, as well as communicate internally and externally with many different people. Having the skills to work with others and to manage those below you well are very important for a human resource director. 

The fact that the role has so many different aspects to it means that multitasking is an essential part of the role as it means you are able to have lots of different tasks running alongside each other.

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The HR director is responsible for many different aspects of the organization, and the role is a very important one. The main role of the HR director is to oversee and be accountable for everything that happens within the HR programs. It is a very important role and some of the most important aspects of the role are explored below. 


Lead The HR Department 

The HR director is responsible for the growth of the HR department, as well as the planning. They will have to look at the HR department as a whole and ensure that it is as successful as possible. The HR director will have to take responsibility for the success of the department, and will have to present this data to those higher up. 

The HR director will have to ensure that they can manage, direct and plan the HR initiatives within all areas of the department (including recruitment, training and employee relations). They will also have to oversee the budget of the department and where the money is being placed. They will have to implement new aspects and strategies for the department.

The director is responsible for preparing reports about the achievements and progress of the department and they will need to discuss where the department will go moving forward as well as to explain any areas where they have underachieved.

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Contribute To The Organization As A Whole

The role of a HR director is a very senior role and so the person who holds that responsibility will have to have a relationship with the other senior people in the company as a whole. They must work alongside the management level of different departments, helping them to manage their employees and have a good relationship company wide.

The HR director will also be responsible for letting the rest of the company know when they have made any changes or developments. If there are any policy changes, this is when the HR director will step in and let everyone else know of these changes. 

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Supervise The Rest Of The Department 

HR directors are also responsible for their department. They will be directly above the HR managers and so they should supervise them, and handle the daily functioning of the department as a whole. The directors are responsible for mentoring the managers and ensuring they have all the support they need to succeed within the role. The HR department often has to deal with quite a lot of complaints and so the department has to be well equipped to deal with this, led by the HR director. 


Final Thoughts 

The role of a HR director is a very complicated one and there are many different aspects of the role. It varies from organization to organization and so the role will be defined by each organization. 

If you’re wondering what a human resources director does, you should now have all the information you need for a well rounded explanation of the role and responsibilities.

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What Does a Human Resources Director Do? - What To Know
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