How Can I Get My Pay Stubs Online?


Traditionally, all employees were given paper checks with their pay stubs included and employees were then responsible for cashing them in. In today’s society, there are quicker and more efficient ways of doing this, such as by direct deposit, which is when your salary is deposited directly into your bank account. If this is the case, you should still be able to access a pay stub that breaks down details of your salary or hours. You can access this online, or you can be given a paper copy. All this depends on your employer and the company you work for. 

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What is a paystub? 

A pay stub is a part of your paycheck that outlines details of your pay each time you receive a paycheck. It is usually attached to the same piece of paper as your paycheck. The information that generally appears on a pay stub is as follows: 

  • Employer information such as name and address.

  • Employee information such as name, address, and social security number. 

  • Employee pay rate. 

  • Dates of the period of pay. 

  • Gross earnings, which is what the employee earns before any taxes or deductions have been applied. 

  • Any deductions, such as health insurance

  • Any taxes withheld. 

  • Net pay, which is the final payment the employee will be receiving after all deductions and taxes have been taken into account. 

If someone is an hourly employee, then under their gross earnings their hourly rate and hours worked will be displayed. For salaried employees, it will show 40 hours a week. 

Any overtime that has been logged should also be displayed on the pay stub. Some states will also include additional information such as sick leave. 

Pay stubs are useful for employees because it allows them to understand their wages, taxes, and how they contribute to any deductions. They are also a good form of proof of employment which may be needed when applying for any kind of credit or loan. 

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It’s only natural to get confused by these two words. They are thrown around together a lot and sometimes people aren’t aware of the difference between them. It’s really quite simple. A paycheck is a physical check to the employee with the amount they are to be paid that month or week. 

A pay stub is a separate document attached to the paycheck that breaks everything down, such as tax deductions, health insurance deductions, and so forth. 

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Direct Deposit vs Pay Check 

Nowadays, there are several types of payment methods employers can offer to their employees. One of these is a direct deposit option, where the money the employee has earned is transferred straight into their bank account. Another is the traditional paper paycheck, where employees are responsible for cashing their own checks. There are pros and cons to both. 


Pros of paper checks

Paper checks allow for more privacy and control. Some employees would rather not share their banking information with employers and this allows them to keep it private. They have control over their wages and they decide when they want to cash their checks. They also save money, as opening a bank account can cost from $25 to around $100. If someone would rather not pay the fees associated with this, then this is beneficial to them. 


Cons of paper checks

Despite the benefits, paper checks can be easy to misplace, lose, or get stolen. Complications can arise from this as there is confidential information usually included in these checks. They can be time-consuming and costly. Employees may not be able to cash checks during the holidays, so they may have to wait before receiving their money. Issuing paper checks is also time-consuming and costly, as you need to order the stock paper, and print the checks before handing them out to each individual. 

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Pros of direct deposit

Direct deposits save a lot of time. They can be done within the press of a button and employees can choose which account they’d like the money transferred to. Employees also save time by not having to physically go to the bank to cash in a check. They are generally safe to use, they can’t be stolen or misplaced, and It is a safe and confidential form of payment. 


Cons of direct deposit

Employers need to be aware of the fees associated with this. Some banks may charge you a transaction fee when transferring money to the account of an employee. Employees who don’t have a bank account set up need to open one, which also carries fees. Employees run the risk of receiving late payments if employers do not run their payroll by a certain date. Therefore, this type of payment can be time-sensitive. 


What is the most common type of payment today?

The ‘Getting Paid in America’ survey found that over 93% of people receive their pay via direct deposit. This is compared to a 4.6% who stated they receive their pay through paper paychecks. This is due to the time efficiency, and ease of the process, compared to the more traditional form of payment, and employees recognize the benefits of this form of payment. 


Can I access my pay stub online? 

Getting paid via direct deposit is the easiest and most popular method of payment nowadays. But what does this mean for your pay stubs? You should still be able to have access to this pay stub that helps you make sense of your pay. You’ll want to see how much tax has been deducted, health insurance, and so on. There are a few ways to access your pay stub. Your employer can generate your pay stub based on your direct deposit, and email it to you or give it to you directly. 

If this is not an option for you, many businesses will give their employees access to online payment websites. On these websites, you should be able to view each paystub for each payment. You can even print these out if you prefer to have a physical copy 

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How can I access it online?  

If your company uses an online payment website, you should be given login details from them, such as an employee number. This will usually be used as your username. 

You will then be asked to create a password. With your username and password, you should be able to access your paystub on that specific website from any internet browser or device, as long as you have wifi. 

You’ll have the option of printing out your paystub from whatever website you are using. This is useful if you like to keep a physical copy of your finances. Our pay stub maker could make this process easier for you.

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How do I access old pay stubs? 

  • If you get in touch with the human resources office at your old job, they should be able to provide you with your old pay stubs. You can request copies of these, and they should be sent to you without any issues. 


What if my employer doesn’t give me a pay stub? 

  • Employees are able to sue employers in a court of law if that employer refused to provide pay stubs. The employer may have to pay penalties for withholding that information from the employer. 


What does a pay stub look like?

  • A pay stub is a piece of paper (or online document) with lists of information about your salary. It will state what your gross pay is, what deductions are being taken from your pay (tax, health insurance, life insurance), and the final amount to be paid to you should be at the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, online pay stubs are generally secure as they are protected by encryption and require you to login with your unique credentials. However, it's important to take basic security precautions such as using strong passwords and not sharing them with others.

Access to your online pay stubs after leaving a company depends on the employer and the payroll service provider. Some companies may allow limited access for a certain period, while others may require you to request a copy of your pay stubs directly from the HR department.

Yes, most online payroll portals allow you to download or print your pay stubs for your personal records.

Yes, most payroll portals have mobile-friendly websites or dedicated apps that allow you to view your pay stubs on your smartphone or tablet.

You can access your pay stubs online by logging into your employer's payroll portal or through a third-party payroll service provider with your username and password.

The availability of your online pay stubs varies depending on your employer and the payroll service provider. Generally, pay stubs are accessible for at least a year, but some providers may store them for a longer period.

Pay stubs are usually updated online every pay period, which can be weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, or monthly depending on your employer's payroll schedule.

If your employer doesn't provide online pay stubs, you can request a physical copy from your HR or payroll department. Alternatively, you can inquire if they are planning to implement an online payroll system in the future.

An online pay stub typically includes your gross pay, deductions, taxes, net pay, and any additional information such as overtime, bonuses, or reimbursements.

If you notice an error on your online pay stub, you should contact your employer's HR or payroll department immediately to report the issue and have it corrected.
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How Can I Get My Pay Stubs Online?
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