Where To Mail 1099-NEC Forms To IRS


Sending the correct forms into the IRS is very important, and, as a business owner, you should make sure that you’re staying on top of the paperwork to avoid any fines! 

The 1099-NEC form is a common form. This article will help you to understand where to mail the 1099-NEC form to, and who it applies to. Read on for more information! 

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What Is A 1099-NEC Form?

A 1099-NEC form is a form that is used by the Internal Revenue Service. You must return this form to the IRS when you need to report payments that are made to independent contractors who are not on your employment record. 

There are 18 forms that fall under the 1099 forms that are given by the IRS to ensure they have all the information they need about income. You need to ensure that you fill these forms in if they apply to you. 

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Who Does It Apply To?

You will need to be aware of the 1099-NEC form if: 

  • You are the business who is making a payment to an independent contractor who is not on your employment contract.

  • You are the independent contractor who was hired by the business to carry out some work. 

Where Do I Get The Form From? 

There are two options of how to obtain the form you need to allow you to fill it in.


If you opt to fill this form in online, you can use the e-filing provider to do this. You will need to fill in these forms using the internet, and then file them online too. 

Order Paper Copies 

There are two ways to get paper copies of these forms. You can either order some copies online from the IRS website, or you can buy them from office supply shops. 

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Where Do I Send The Form To?

There are also a couple of options for getting the form to the IRS and having it filed.


Most people opt for this way. It is simple and easy and requires no physical paperwork. You may be charged a small amount to have an e-filing service sort these forms out for you. 

If you want to submit your forms electronically, you can also register to the IRS website and upload it there. They have a system called FIRE (Filing Information Returns Electronically), where you can upload these forms.

Send In The Mail 

If you decide to complete the forms this way, you will need to send this form alongside a 1096. It is highly recommended that you send your forms electronically, as the IRS are trying to significantly reduce their paper files. Electronic systems are more reliable and forms are much less likely to get lost and go missing. 

You can also not send in these forms via the mail if you have more than 100 forms to your business name. If you do, these may get rejected, resulting in much more work for you! It is much easier to file these forms electronically in the first instance.

If you have opted to send these forms in the mail, read on to find out where to send them. 

If you are located in any of these states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Vermont, Virginia

Send your forms to: Internal Revenue Service, Austin, Submission Processing Center, P.O Box 149213, Austin, TX 78714. 

If you are located in any of these states: Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Send your forms to: Internal Revenue Service Center P.O. Box 219256 Kansas City, MO 64121-9256.

And if you are located in any of these states: California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia

Send the form to: Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Center 1973 North Rulon White Blvd. Ogden, UT 84201.

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When Is The Form Necessary?

It is important to fill out the 1099-NEC form if you are a business who has made a payment of over $600 dollars in the year to someone who is not an employee at your company.

If payments were made through a third party, you will not need to complete the form. For instance, if they were made through PayPal.

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If You Are The Payee 

If you were hired by a business to carry out some work over the value of $600, but you are not an employee, you should ensure that you receive a copy of a 1099-NEC form by the end of January 31st of the tax year following this payment. If they haven’t sent you this form, you should chase it up. This is because it is important for the IRS to get a copy of your income. 

In the case of you not receiving this form, chase it up. If this fails to produce the form, let the IRS know. 

Tips When Filling Out The Form 

  • The 1099-NEC form was taken out of use, but it was reimplemented recently to help to separate information. The 1099-MISC form was previously joined onto this form, but now it is separate again.

  • When you are filling out this form, you will need the TIN (taxpayer identification number) of the vendor as well as their name. This is because the IRS will have to cross check the information to ensure its accuracy. 

  • The payer must send a copy of this form to both the IRS and the payee before Jan 31st of that tax year.

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Final Thoughts 

So, when you are sending out the 1099-NEC form, there are a couple of ways that you can opt to send it. While the IRS encourages you to file these forms electronically, you can also send them in the mail. It is very important to make sure that the IRS receives these forms. Now you have all the information you need, so get them sent off as soon as possible!

Having these files in order will allow payroll to run smoother and ensure employees will receive the correct pay stubs

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Where To Mail 1099-NEC Forms To IRS
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