3 Key Signs That It's Time To Switch Pay Stub Generators


When was the last time you reviewed how your company did its payroll? Perhaps it was a long time ago. Perhaps you still do payroll by paper or excel spreadsheet. It is understandable if you do, as changing from one system to another is hard work and can cause initial teething problems. However, as technology continues to grow and the demand for a new working culture comes to life, so too should your attitude to pay stub generators.
Here's everything you need to know about how and when to switch to online pay stub generators.

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1. Your Paper Payroll Is A Mess

A paper payroll will never fall foul of the digital age, so many employees erroneously think. But a paper payroll can be lost if there is a fire at the office, if the records accidentally go missing or if the HR manager or accountant misplaces some of them. Even the cleaner can jeopardize the payroll if they accidentally throw out papers they think are not important or move them.
Furthermore, paper records including pay stubs, create untold amounts of work and records which have to be stored. A lot can go wrong. In this culture where the environment and the climate emergency are pressing concerns, using loads of paper, and giving your employees paper records, might just not be justified.
Instead switch to a pay stub generator so that the system is automated and employees can choose whether to get paper or digital records or even print them off themselves, which is cheaper on you and better for the environment.

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2. Your Employees Ask For Better Payroll Records

Some say the customer is always right many would argue that the employee is always right. A happy employer can make for a better workplace and employees who are more productive can produce better results and more money-making everyone happy. So if your employees are asking for better and more accurate payroll records then sorting out pay stub generators for them should surely be a priority.
This might be a case of them wanting to create better records so that they can provide more accurate information to the IRS or relevant tax authorities. Or it might because they are becoming increasingly frustrated with the number of papers that they receive from you. An automated paystub generator might also enable them to take more control of their finances and get organized.

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Dreaded HR

Perhaps they hate having to deal with HR or having to ask around for a paper paystub or one to be emailed to them and want to be able to do this themselves. HR teams are increasingly using tech to improve their jobs. To start this process you could create a survey to ask your employees how they feel about moving to a paystub generator system.

Would they object to it? Ensure that the survey is done anonymously so that employees can express how they truly feel. You might also want to consider adding other options to the survey to improve the workplace even further. Remember even if you work with bitcoin you still have to keep records for relevant tax authorities so using a pay stub generator can help you get on top of this. This is true even for filling out an IRS Schedule 1 form.

3. Your Accountant/HR Manager Leaves At Short Notice

In a small or medium-sized business, everyone knows each other and it can be great. You feel like a family. But the downside is that you can start to rely on other people, particularly your HR manager or accountant. If they leave at short notice you might find yourself unable to process the payroll for that month.
This burden can be eased by an automatic paystub generator system because the system largely runs itself and everybody gets their electronic paystub. If you still use a paper-based system or a system involving a complicated excel spreadsheet then you could find yourself struggling for hours through various forms and documents to try and ensure everybody is paid up to date and on time.

PayStubs Make Accountants' Life Easier

You also might find yourself having to grovel to your former HR manager and accountant to figure out how they paid everyone. This could lead to you having to pay them to do extra work when they have left the company. It's important to remember that an automatic pay stub generator won't replace accountancy or HR staff.
They are still valuable and will always have a role to play in terms of ensuring that the company stays afloat and makes a healthy profit. Pay stub generators make accountants' life easier and more organized.

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Switch To Pay Stub Generators: It's Easy And Worth It

If you are considering whether to switch pay stub generators then be sure to go for it. Automating your payroll to a reliable system takes the stress out of your monthly payroll and means you do not rely on out-dated systems like paper only. Imagine if all of these documents were lost due to an accident like for instance the office cleaner puts them in the trash or a fire erupts in the building.
Paystub generators are more efficient and ThePayStubs provides one of the best services around. It also means your employees are more in control of their payroll and do not have to ask you or your harried HR department for a new payslip every time they need access to it. Furthermore, it frees up time that your accountants and HR team can spend on other areas of your business.
This helps ensure that you are always making the biggest profit and running the best business you can. If you are interested in switching to ThePayStubs effective pay stub maker then be sure to give it a try and create a paystub today!

Frequently Asked Questions

There may be costs associated with switching, such as subscription fees for the new pay stub generator, potential data transfer fees, and the time required for training and implementation. However, the long-term benefits often outweigh these costs.

Yes, you can switch pay stub generators at any time. However, it's advisable to plan the transition during a less busy period or at the end of a fiscal quarter to minimize disruptions and ensure a seamless transition.

To ensure a smooth transition, prepare your data for transfer, train employees on the new platform, and carefully test the new pay stub generator before fully implementing it into your payroll process.

These key signs can lead to dissatisfaction among employees, potential legal issues, and a negative impact on your business's reputation. Switching to a better pay stub generator can help prevent these issues and ensure smooth payroll operations.

Pay stub generators are online tools or software applications used by businesses to create and manage employee pay stubs, which include details about earnings, deductions, and other payroll-related information.

The first key sign is frequent errors in pay stub calculations, which could include incorrect tax deductions, inaccurate overtime pay, or miscalculated benefits, causing confusion and frustration for both employees and the business.

The second key sign is a poor user experience, such as a complicated interface or a lack of essential features, which can make it difficult for businesses to manage and generate accurate pay stubs.

The third key sign is a lack of adequate customer support from the current pay stub generator provider, which can lead to unresolved issues and delays in the payroll process.

Consider factors such as ease of use, accuracy, compliance with legal requirements, customization options, and the quality of customer support when evaluating new pay stub generators for your business.

A reliable pay stub generator ensures accurate calculations, compliance with legal requirements, and timely delivery of pay stubs to employees, which ultimately contributes to employee satisfaction and trust in the company.
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3 Key Signs That It's Time To Switch Pay Stub Generators
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