What Is the Average HR Business Partner Salary?


If you are just getting started with the research into the career of an HR business partner, then you may not be fully aware of what they do - so we will give you a brief outline before getting into more detail later on. 

Essentially, they collaborate with top management to develop and implement strategies that are aligned with the company's goals.

Given the magnitude of the duty, the typical HR business partner salary in the United States makes this a desirable job title. The role can result in salaries ranging from $59,000 to $182,000 depending on the company that you work with, your experience, and where you are located.

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What Does an HR Business Partner Do?

HR business partners collaborate with teams, managers, and key stakeholders to assist organizations and people develop their capabilities, as well as define and implement effective people strategies and activities. They must have a thorough awareness of the firm, its strategy, and its clients, as well as a thorough understanding of the organization's personnel difficulties.

For example, if the goal is to increase sales, the HR business partner will assist the company in developing a culture and people strategy that will support this goal. 

They must build deep relationships with key people in their business sector, as well as other people teams across the organization, in order to be successful. Relationship-building and persuading abilities are vital. They must also be able to use data, metrics, and evidence to guide and drive decision-making and change in their respective business sectors. 

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How to Become a HR Business Partner

In general, HR business partners must hold a bachelor's degree in business administration or human resources. An MBA also gives you a competitive advantage. Team collaboration, strategy development and implementation, communication, and presentation are all necessary skills.

71.3 percent of HR business partners have a bachelor's degree and 20.6 percent of HR business partners have earned a master's degree. Even though the majority of HR business partners have a college diploma, becoming one with only a high school diploma or GED is impossible.

You might find that previous work experience will assist you in becoming a Human Resources Business partner. Many HR business partner positions, in fact, need previous experience in a position such as HR manager. Meanwhile, many HR business partners have worked as a HR generalists or a HR coordinator in the past.

In almost all HR business partner jobs, experience is required, however, the level of experience required varies based on the organization and its demands. Many firms seek an experienced HR business partner with four years of experience in an HR function and supervisory or managerial expertise, which appears to be the norm.

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Important Skills for a HR Business Partner to Have

These are just some of the most important skills that you will have to possess in order to fit in to the HR business partner role and perform as you are expected to. 

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Skilled With Digital Tools

It is important that you know your way around particular software tools as they are used by HR business partners in order to communicate and develop different HR strategies. These digital tools are also used to track the business expenses and management of individual teams, and much more.

Therefore, these software tools will become your best friend and will make your job much easier - if you know how to use them!

Knowledge of the Company

As an HR business partner, you should have a strong understanding of human resource management. You must also have a lot of knowledge of how the company operates including how its primary functions and how the different parts work together. 

Not only will this give you the appropriate tools to perform as you are expected to in this role, but the rest of the team will see you are confident and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Open to Innovation and Change

You must have confidence when it comes to changing things up and being innovative. However, you need to know the balance between changing things to improve the company and changing things just to change them as this can lead to the company being less efficient. 

When it comes to initiating these changes, you must be equipped to carry out large-scale strategies and implement them in a way that is as seamless as possible.

Good Communication

Good communication skills are essential as an HR business partner because you will be carrying out a lot of negotiations and presentations. You will also frequently talk to new people both through physical and digital means. 

It is also likely that you will need to decline executives so doing this in a diplomatic way is very important.

HR Business Partner Career Path

Years of professional experience and the individual's current position are important factors in determining the compensation of HR business partners. In some organizations, this position is also known as a human resources consultant.

The career path ahead is pretty straightforward because the HR business partner function is already a senior position. With a few more years of experience, the human resources professional can advance to the position of senior HR business partner, advising on more important management decisions. After that, they can become the HR director, which will put them in charge of the entire human resources department.

While the function of human resources business partner has various roles and obligations, it is more important in strategic counseling and planning. An average annual salary for a senior HR business partner is $134,075. According to Glassdoor, there are over 10,000 job openings for this critical HR position.

The HR director is in charge of the decision-making and performance as a whole. As a result, the move from a senior advising function such as a senior HR business partner to this position makes sense. An HR director earns an average of $141,281 per year, and Glassdoor estimates that there are nearly 200,000 job openings for the field.

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The average salary of an HR business partner is great as it can result in you making three figures a year. It also helps that it is a very exciting and challenging role that will keep you interested in the work that you are doing. 

There are also other ways that you can move through your career if you are not totally satisfied with an HR business partner role, you can transition into a senior role and make even more money if that is your biggest motivator. 

You will need some experience as well as a relevant degree if you want to become an HR business partner, but it is never too late to start that journey. 

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What Is the Average HR Business Partner Salary?
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