4 Signs It's Not Working Out Between You And Your Payroll Solutions Provider


Efficient payroll solutions are crucial for every organization. Regardless of what your business is, your employers must be paid, and on time. Payroll influences all aspects of your business. Ensuring that it's as good as it can be is of utmost importance. You must eliminate compliance issues and factors that limit growth.
You should cut the time you spend on little payroll tasks and put it towards making your organization more competitive. These steps will save you money. This article will help you know when it's time to cut the ties with your payroll provider.

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1. Compliance Issues

The compliance situation changes frequently. Sometimes a major event creates a big impact. The Affordable Care Act is a good example. When regulations change, payroll compliance becomes hard for many companies. Since health insurance contributions relate directly to payroll processing, it's crucial to evaluate this function.
It's time for a payroll upgrade if you struggle with compliance tracking or controlling hours. The cost of non-compliance is bigger than the cost of improving your payroll system. Time is money, so find an efficient payroll solution that works well with your projects. It's a good idea to bring accounting and payroll together for this matter.

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2. You're Not Getting Enough Help

Payroll is a crucial function and takes a lot of work. It's generally an unwise practice to make the HR department handle it all. Better payroll solutions allow HR and management to focus on other tasks. They can also let managers handle shift changes and overtime in real-time. Or let employees check schedules and request time off or overtime.
The more processes you can automate or outsource, the more you can focus on other important tasks. You need a payroll provider that can help you, especially in critical times. Look for one that won't charge extra to contact customer support. You should be able to reach them at any time with all your questions. Most of all when there are potential tax penalties or major deadlines at stake.
Payroll is crucial and complicated. Make sure that your payroll provider is reliable.

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3. It's Just Another Process

Payroll is often seen as a necessary inconvenience, rather than something valuable and significant. You collect crucial data and reports, track working hours, ensure timely payment, and deal with compliance issues. There's little else involved. However, skilled human resources departments can do so much more with it. If you analyze the data and build strategies around it, you can achieve more efficiency.
For instance, if you see spikes in overtime at certain times of the year. You can then determine when exactly to hire temporary workers. Or weigh the costs of overtime staff against long-term freelancers. This can save you lots of money. Good payroll solutions bring countless opportunities to boost efficiency.

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4. You're About To Expand

Due to the complex and shifting nature of payroll, it's a very time-consuming task for HR. Between hiring more HR staff and adapting to greater taxes, it can get very costly. If expansion is drawing near, you need to evaluate your payroll solutions right away. Issues with compliance will affect scalability and hold you back. Beyond being scalable, a good solution will be easy to use.
This ensures easy training of new employees and lets you focus on bigger more strategic tasks.

Efficient Payroll Solutions

Good payroll configurations resolve compliance issues and make your business run smoothly. If your company faces any of the above struggles, it's time to look into an upgrade. Try out our check stub maker today and see how easy it is to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Research other payroll providers, compare their fees and services, and determine if your current provider's fees are competitive or if you can find a more cost-effective solution.

You may notice discrepancies in employee paychecks, incorrect tax withholdings, or delayed payments. Regularly auditing your payroll records can help you spot these issues.

Notify your current provider of your decision, gather necessary payroll records, and either set up your in-house payroll system or work with your new provider to ensure a smooth transition. Be sure to provide employees with updated information as needed.

Handling payroll in-house can give you more control over the process, potentially save money on provider fees, and allow for quicker adjustments to any payroll changes.

DIY payroll requires more time and effort from your team, and you'll need to stay up-to-date on tax laws and regulations. There's also a higher risk of errors if your team is inexperienced with payroll management.

1. Frequent errors in payroll processing, 2. Lack of responsiveness and poor customer support, 3. Limited or outdated software features, 4. Hidden or increasing fees

Consider factors such as the cost of payroll services vs. in-house management, the time and effort required to manage payroll, the expertise of your team, and the importance of having control over the process.

Good customer support should be responsive, knowledgeable, and able to quickly address and resolve any issues or concerns you have regarding your payroll.

Fees can include setup fees, per-employee fees, direct deposit fees, and additional charges for tax filing or year-end reports. Be sure to review your contract and discuss any fees with your provider upfront.

Updated software features can help streamline your payroll process, improve accuracy, and ensure compliance with tax and employment laws. Outdated software may lack necessary features or integrations with other systems, causing inefficiencies.
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4 Signs It's Not Working Out Between You And Your Payroll Solutions Provider
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